Our beginning

My name is Conchi and I want to tell you like began in this dog world.

From always around of my family, I have been surrounded with dogs.... who does not remember the Alsatian dogs (or slightly similar) in the houses of the village?....

But it was in the year 95, thanks to old friends that they had boxer and that they went to the dog shows, when began to seeing the dogs otherwise. It is at this moment when tryed to thinking which would be the breed that better would gone with my character and with my form of life, and all the ways took to me to the same thought: The giant Schnauzer.

It is a noble, stubborn, faithful, vital dog, etc ..... we go that not painted!!

And at this moment began with my first schnauzer I bought it in the year 96, she was called Aruca (Shaggy for the friends), and, of course, I began in the dog shows.

Our Affix " Torreones Cruzados " is registered in the FCI (International Cynologique Federation) by the number 8850 from January, 1999.

The motive of the above mentioned affix is very simple: We live in the beautiful city of Pontevedra, which shield is composed by its river Lerez (that borders on the city), a former typical bridge of the zone flanked by a few towers and a cruise in way; of there the name.

All that I know about the Schnauzer I had gone learning with the time, but about Schnauzer´s hairdresser it was showed by a good friend, Emilia Díaz; prestigious canine and great knowledgeable stylist of the world of the hairdresser's shop so much of exhibition as commercial.

As the years went by, my daughter Adriana entered also this world. From small she has liked the dogs and she has been a faithful companion in all the exhibitions, but to her the breed that always has carried away her have been the Afghan hounds, for its elegance, it is independent, happy and very affectionate.

We buy our first Afghan hound in 2008, she is called Kyra and is any heart.

And there you see us at two people: with schnauzers and Afghan hounds. A strange combination but that we have could combine very well.